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Turmeric , Lemon & Honey Soap Bar

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Suffer from acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, dry skin, stretch marks? Then this bar is for you. This soap is packed with so many nutrients for the skin, it’ll leave you with nothing but soft skin. Made with kojic acid. 

💛Tumeric helps:
Llessen Acne
Lightens hyperpigmentation
Reduce dark spots
Helps with eczema
Brings out the natural glow

💛Lemon Peel helps:
Reduce acne
Reduce dark spots
Contains Vitamin C
Lighten age spots

💛Raw Honey helps:
Get rid of dead skin cells bringing out that natural glow
Fade acne scars
Hydrates the skin

Expiration: Due to the lack of preservatives, please use within one year of receipt.